12 Breathtaking Aesthetic Room Ideas To Give Your Room The Best Transformation

Your room is more than just a hollow space in your home where you sleep and keep all your things—it's your sanctuary. It's a safe place where you recharge, ponder, and spend time with yourself comfortably. 

What better way to enhance your experience in your sanctuary than by giving it an aesthetic makeover? Enhance your relaxation by leveling up your room. 

Instead of scrolling through Pinterest to look at beautiful room decors, why not give your room the makeover you've been planning in your head? 

Here are 20 breathtaking and affordable aesthetic room ideas that'll transform your room into a space you'll fall in love with! 


1. Add Prints and Colors To Your Walls With Removable Wallpaper


A great way to freshen up your four walls is to invest in removable wallpaper. You can add cute prints or designs to your wall, which can improve the overall aesthetic! And since it's removable, you can change it as often as you'd like. 

Chasing Paper should be on your radar if you're ever looking for a wide variety of removable wallpapers with different colors and prints to choose from. They believe that everyone needs a change of scenery, even from your own bedroom.


2. Hang A Personalized Pinboard

A fun yet aesthetic room decor that you can add is a pinboard. You can design it to your heart's content by adding memorable photos, arts and crafts, or positivity quotes! It's a great way to showcase your personality and your memories. 

Your pinboard can act as your mood board or vision board—basically, anything you want! You can get one at your nearest local crafts store today! 


3. Pop Some Color By Putting Up Wall Art

In addition to hanging a personalized pinboard, putting up some wall art is a fantastic way to give your room a splash of color and personality. If you think that your bare wall is getting a little too dull, then maybe it's time to explore this type of aesthetic room decor. 

Society6 offers a lot of beautiful wall art options fit for any room and budget! 


4. Bring in A Touch of Green With Plants 

Bring in A Touch of Green With Plants

Adding plants can enhance any space by giving it a fresher vibe. In fact, studies have shown that having plants around improves the air quality inside any room. 

You can buy big potted plants that go in one corner of your room or small ones you can put on your desks. Either way, plants are always a good idea.


5. Add Throw Pillows

Putting throw pillows on your bed or on your couch is a great and easy way to effectively add a touch of personality to your room. They're fluffy, they come in different designs and colors—you won't ever get tired of choosing. 

Pottery Barn is a great place to shop for unique and beautiful throw pillows for your collection. 


6. Put Down A Beautiful Rug

ut Down A Beautiful Rug

Don't forget about your floors! A cool and easy way to give your room some structure and design is by putting down a rug. Rugs are also incredible at making a room feel cozier. 

Wayfair is famous for being one of the go-to online shops for people looking for an extensive selection of rugs.


7. Mix and Match Your Lighting Scheme

Mix and Match Your Lighting Scheme

Now let's talk about something that most people forget when revamping a room's aesthetics: the lighting. 

Lighting can unbelievably alter a room's atmosphere. It's something so simple in theory, but it can change any room's vibe instantly. You can get a beautiful table lamp, set up some aesthetic room with LED lights, or light some candles to change the mood. 


8. Create Your Own Galaxy 

Create your own Galaxy

Yes, you read that right. Since we're on the topic of lighting, we might as well share that you can take a realistic trip to space anytime you want by filling your room with an abundance of stars, nebulas, and intergalactic colors. 


You can check out reviews of this type of light at starprojectors.com.

Encalife can help transport you into a calmer space as you recharge under the beauty of a million stars. With Encalife's Atmosphere Projector and Star Projector enjoying pure serenity under a starry sky has never been this easy.

Nothing like the night sky to give your room the aesthetic touch it deserves. 


9. Illuminate Your Room's Accessories with String Lights

String lights are perfect if you want to give off an enchanting yet charming old-soul vibe to your room—they're not only great for walls but for illuminating your accessories as well. 

You can wrap your plants, furniture, or whole-body mirror with string lights to enhance their features.


10. Hang Up Some Bright, Neon Lights

Neon Lights


If you're ever in the mood to give your room a funky vibe, then Neon Lights are the perfect addition for an aesthetic room with bright and colorful LED Lights.

You can hang up shapes, words, or even life quotes! Brite Lite is the best place to shop for customized bright neon signs at an affordable price that you can use to hang inside your room.


11. Invest in a Statement Lighting Piece


Statement Lighting Piece


A fantastic way to give your room a "wow" factor is by getting a striking statement lighting piece. It could be a geometric chandelier or a big and bold corner lamp. 

Shades of Light is a constant favorite shop for people looking to choose from a wide selection of statement lighting pieces that are perfect for every budget. 


After satisfying your sense of sight, now to complete your room's ambiance upgrade, it's time to add some scents! 

Enhance your room experience by getting aromatherapy diffusers and scents that will surely give you a sense of peace as you relax in your personal sanctuary. 

Serene House is one of the top brands where you can get high-quality aromatherapy products with beautiful designs to uplift your spirits at home. 


You deserve to have a beautiful space where you can relax, feel good about yourself and just enjoy your company without the noise of the outside world. 

Explore these 12 aesthetic room ideas today and turn your vision of having a room you absolutely love into reality.