Large Capacity Humidifier | 3L | Ultrasonic Air Technology

Large Capacity Humidifier | 3L | Ultrasonic Air Technology

Humidifier For Releasing Better Air At Home


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Large Capacity Humidifier | 3L | Ultrasonic Air Technology

Humidifier For Releasing Better Air At Home 

Enjoy cleaner, fresher, and better air at home. A humidifier releases tiny water particles into the air, which is beneficial if you suffer from dry skin, itchy throat, irritation, or allergies, amongst other conditions. The large-capacity humidifier has a huge storage capacity of 3L. It features 2 nozzles and 3 spray settings for up to 48 hours of spay time, ensuring you have the perfect living conditions. 

Ultrasonic Air Technology  

The large-capacity humidifier is produced with ultrasonic air technology and features 2 nozzles for spraying mist into you’re home. With this humidifier, you’re getting the best conditions possible for your living space every time you use it.  

3 Spray Settings

The elegantly designed humidifier has 3 spray settings: continuous, alternate, and intermittent spray. Using 2 nozzles, it can be left switched on continuous mode for 8 hours, and intermittent mode for 16 hours. The humidifier has up to 48 hours of spray time in total. The humidifier is flexible to suit the intended results that you’d like to get when using it. 

3L High Storage Capacity 

The humidifier has a high storage capacity of 3L. It’s simple to set up and pour water into. It comes with a USB charging cable to plug into. Its large capacity means that you don’t need to worry about constantly filling the humidifier up. 

LED Lighting Feature

Create a calming environment in the daytime and have a peaceful sleep at night. The humidifier operates quietly and features a colorful ambient lamp with multi-colored functionality, that can also be used as a nightlight. The humidifier is a handy item to use night and day. It’s flexible to suit your lifestyle.

Easy To Install

The humidifier is easy to install. Firstly, soak the cotton swab in water for 5 minutes before installing it to achieve the best spray results. Then simply remove the lid, add water, and plug it in. It’ll start humidifying instantly. It only takes a few minutes to install, making the humidifier an easy item to maintain at home.

 What’s In The Box?

  • 1 x humidifier
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 5 x cotton swabs
  • 1 x box

Technical Specification

  • Applicable Area:<20 ㎡ Working 
  • Voltage: DC5V 
  • Working Current: 1000mA 
  • Service power: 3.5-4W 
  • Water Capacity: 3000ML 
  • Working Time: 8-16 Hours 
  • Spray Amount: 45-60ml/h 
  • Material: ABS+PP+Electric 
  • Product size: 251*150.8*150.*mm
  • Part Power Supply: USB Cable( without battery, can not be charged ) 
  • Color: White


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